Capturing nail art using IPEVO document cameras

We have had teachers jokingly telling us how often they have to go for manicures to get their nails groomed if they are using IPEVO document cameras to teach. The reason being? They don’t want to scare their students with high clarity onscreen images of their cracked nails! Although this (using document cameras to show images of nails) could be an interesting setting, it didn’t register in our minds until our colleagues from the Taiwan office shared with us an example of how a Taiwanese nail artist uses our document camera to show and capture her nail painting process.

Tucked away in a corner of Mamie’s work desk is the small, versatile, and simple to use VZ-R HDMI/USB Dual Mode Document Camera. The small footprint and plug and play design of VZ-R allow Mamie to keep it by the side of her work desk when she doesn’t need it, and get it set up within minutes when she needs it — all without occupying too much of her desk space or getting in her way.

VZ-R’s small footprint allows it to be set up in any tight space.

To complete the set up, Mamie had VZ-R connected to a laptop via the included USB cable. Using the free IPEVO Visualizer software, she then show the nail painting process live to her customers on the laptop screen. Sometimes, she would even zoom in on her customers’ nails for a larger view. And the feedback have been largely positive — with the high image quality from VZ-R’s 8 megapixel camera both Mamie and her customers can literally visualize the entire process in a whole new way, enabling Mamie to review her designs instantly while allowing her customers to follow along. This makes her customers feel much more engaged.

Viewing the nail painting process on the laptop screen.

As a nail artist, Mamie also uses VZ-R to live stream her nail painting process online, and/or record demonstration videos. VZ-R’s multi-jointed stand and swiveling camera head come in really handy for this purpose. She can adjust VZ-R’s stand and camera head for streaming and recording from different heights, angles and orientations, providing her audience with a “holistic” view of the process.

Record from different heights, angles and orientations with VZ-R.

VZ-R’s versatility doesn’t end here. With tactile control buttons conveniently placed on its body, Mamie can adjust image settings such as rotation, exposure, zoom and others on the fly, without going back and forth to the laptop. What’s more, VZ-R’s HDMI output option gives Mamie the extra flexibility to connect it directly to a projector or TV via an HDMI cable for large screen projection. Meaning, she doesn’t need to bring her laptop along when she is traveling around to give live workshops!

Are you a nail artist using our document camera too? We’d love to know more!