How to Introduce Pets to Your New Pillow Stand

Okay, so you’ve purchased a pillow stand for your iPad. Now you can support your tablet at any height and angle and be really, really comfy on the couch or in bed. All good.

Unfortunately, Max is giving you that “WTF?” face. You realize you have to acclimate your pets to this amazing new accessory which will now steal your time and attention.

First, show Max how soft and non-threatening the stand is. Adorably sad faces are standard during this process.

He may resent your new cuddle buddy. A reassuring hug will remind him that he is also still soft and cuddly.

Anger, revolts, and downright attempts to destroy your pillow stand might follow. Patience is key during this crucial stage.

Max will come to regard the pillow stand as his enemy, and may bark, yowl, or yap from a distance. Just let this ritual play out. Earphones help.

Eventually, after a couple of weeks, Max learns that he’s not really competing with the stand. He’s warm fur, and the stand is soft foam with a 100% cotton cover. Different universes.

Aggression gives way to curiosity. You’re almost to acceptance…

Getting even closer…

BOOM! Max is his happy-go-lucky self again.

And now you can enjoy your pillow stand… as a family.

But wait! Nibbles the Cat! What’s he doing here? He hates strangers even more than Max!

This could get ugly. He’s like a… well, he IS a cat ready to pounce.

But you’re willing to take a claw to the chest to get these two to play nice.

Is Nibbles actually liking the ease, comfort, and utility of the pillow stand?

YES! Now you, your pillow stand, and your pets can exist in multimedia bliss.

What’s that, Nibbles? You want to get one for yourself? The PadPillow is available from in 5 cool colors. Unfortunately, catnip is not included. Don’t give me that face.