IPEVO: The “0” Cost of Ownership Ed Tech Product

Recently, one of our customers in the United Kingdom shared an experience which plays out at K-12 schools and colleges all around the world. This customer purchased ed tech products to outfit their classrooms at the cost of tens of thousands of pounds. Expensive, sure, but getting technology into the hands of teachers and students is never a bad thing.

But with all of this great gear, educators realized they didn’t really know how to use it. They had to hire a local sales representative to come and show everyone how to use their overly-complicated devices at the “discount price” of £1,500, or nearly $2,400.

The lesson here is that with many ed tech products, there’s a hidden cost of ownership on top of the original purchase price. Initial/ongoing training, maintenance, professional installation, software fees, and after-sales service could all contribute to this cost of ownership for schools whose budgets are already stretched.

And that brings us to IPEVO products.

You may already know that IPEVO devices — from our line of document cameras like the Point 2 View to our interactive whiteboard systems like the IW2 — come with an affordable price tag compared to competing products.

But also consider that IPEVO products are deliberately designed for maximum user-friendliness and simplicity. In fact, IPEVO’s mission is to get tech products into the hands of more educators, and so our entire business model has been built around that mission.

It all adds up to “0” cost of ownership for IPEVO products beyond the low purchase price.

Consider these advantages of IPEVO products:

  • Low upfront purchase price — Save hundreds or thousands of dollars versus conventional products.
  • No professional installation or integration fee — IPEVO stresses portability and the ability to move our products between classrooms.
  • No technology training cost — Teachers and even young students can learn how to use IPEVO products in a handful of minutes, and there are plenty of tutorial videos and online documentation to help you along.
  • No after-sales service cost
  • Free software — You don’t have to pay for IPEVO software or for “upgrades” which suddenly make your existing software obsolete.

Additionally, because IPEVO products are often smaller/simpler than what they’re replacing, the “real estate” they take up is quite small if you consider that another cost. So, space-saving design is another feature to consider.

We know that buying technology for your classroom(s) is a big deal that deserves a lot of thought. So remember that there are often two “prices” you have to pay — the purchase price and then all the related costs down the road. IPEVO’s user-friendly and budget-friendly design philosophy helps you out with both of those prices.

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