IPEVO Wishpool is back and check out the gifts we’ve in store for November!

IPEVO Wishpool is back after two months of break and we are pleased to announce that for the month of November, we’ve prepared not only one but two *gifts for each selected wish! And we’re confident that you’ll find them handy when used in conjunction with IPEVO document cameras. So let’s check out what’s in store:

  1. A dimmable LED desk lamp that can double up as a power bank with its 4000mAh built-in battery.
  2. A packet (10pcs) of dry erase pocket sleeves with mini dry erase cleaners and black dry erase markers.

Add additional illumination with the LED desk lamp for capturing your materials when you are using your IPEVO document camera in dimly lit environments. Adjust its brightness by tapping and holding on its touch-based sensor. And if you’re using a VZ-R doc cam in HDMI mode, the desk lamp’s built-in battery can also acts as a power bank for providing power to your 

Add additional illumination with the LED desk lamp, and/or use the built-in battery to provide power for your VZ-R.

Increase student engagement and at the same time, reduce paper waste when you use the reusable dry erase pocket sleeves together with your IPEVO document camera. Print out a worksheet, slot it into one of the pocket sleeves, display it to the whole class using your doc cam, and work out the questions together with your students. Make a mistake? No worries, there’s no need to reprint the worksheet as you can just erase the mistake using the dry erase cleaner.

Using the pocket sleeve together with an IPEVO VZ-R document camera.

So what are you waiting for? Make your wish today and you may be selected as one of the lucky winners!

* IPEVO reserves the right to change or replace the gifts without prior notice.