IPEVO’s RMA Journey Part Two: Utilizing Document Cameras for Teaching Arts & Crafts

To recap, in our previous blog of IPEVO’s RMA Journey we mentioned that our Taiwan office had piloted an RMA giveaway program for rural schools in Taiwan, and we introduced you to the refurbishing journey the returned document cameras underwent for the program. Today, we are going to look at the next phase of their journey where they have been put into actual use by the schools that received them.

For most of the schools, they either do not have the budget to buy document cameras or are getting by using old, dying document cameras, hence, the free refurbished document cameras are considered godsend. With the refurbished document cameras, they are now able to integrate technology into their classrooms which helps to improve student learning. In the following, let’s check out how these refurbished document cameras are being utilized for Arts & Crafts lessons where visualization plays a huge part.

First up is Yuli Junior High School located in Hualien county. The school received a VZ-1 HD document camera, and it opened up a whole new world of teaching possibilities for the art teacher. Now, she can not only project student work onto a projection screen for the whole class to see but also correct them in real time. This makes her lessons far more engaging. Also, she is able to demonstrate ink wash painting techniques without having her students crowding around her table. This enables her students to learn from the comfort of their tables.

Demonstrating ink wash painting techniques using VZ-1 HD.
Students learning ink wash painting techniques from the comfort of their tables.

The same goes for art teachers teaching at Jianan Elementary School in Tainan city. The school received a P2V document camera that was shared among different art teachers. As one of the teachers shares with us, by using P2V to demonstrate and explain the different techniques of watercolor painting via large screen projection, her students are able to focus more as they can see her movements clearly. She also loves the fact that she can record her lessons using P2V and use them for other classes. This was previously impossible.

Explaining watercolor painting techniques to the class using P2V.

Next, let’s move on to Changhua county and see how Ziggi-HD Plus document camera transformed both teaching and learning in Xinghua Elementary School. With Ziggi-HD Plus, art teachers could clearly show and explain the techniques involved in different art pieces. Teachers can even guide their students through the process of art analysis, all in real time. On the other hand, students are being empowered as they now have the tool to present, explain, and discuss their artwork with their peers, taking learning in their hands for the first time!

Showing techniques of crayon drawing using Ziggi-HD Plus.
Students presenting and explaining their artwork to their peers using Ziggi-HD Plus.

Lastly, for the art teacher that teaches pottery appreciation in Su’ao Elementary School, Yilan county, VZ-1 HD has proven to be an effective and efficient teaching tool for his lessons. With it, he can clearly show the different facets of pottery pieces to the whole class via large screen projection and then explain the distinct decorations that are found on them. And being able to visualize this process takes the interactivity and interestingness of his lessons for his students to the next level.

Showing the different facets of pottery pieces using VZ-1 HD.
Students enjoying the lesson.

We hope you have enjoyed today’s journey. For the next blog, we’re going to check out how these refurbished document cameras are being utilized for Math, Science and Technology classes. So stay tuned for more!