Presenting IPEVO’s affordable and portable ”desktop magnifier” for the visually impaired — VZ-R!

Looking for not just an affordable but also portable desktop magnifier for your loved ones who have vision impairments and need help reading books, letters, notes, or even digital screens like tablet or cellphone? IPEVO has the solution — VZ-R — an 8 megapixel HDMI/USB dual mode document camera with a small footprint that can double up as a “desktop magnifier”. Here’s how it can be done:

Attaching VZ-R’s base
The first thing you’ll notice when you unbox VZ-R is that its base is not attached to its body. You’ll need to secure the base to the body by using the included screws and screwdriver. You can refer to this video for a step-by-step demonstration.

Attaching VZ-R’s base

Hooking VZ-R to your TV via HDMI
After the base has been attached, you can then connect VZ-R to your TV using an HDMI cable (not included). Do note that as VZ-R needs to be powered on when it is being used in the HDMI mode, you’ll need to connect it to the powered USB port of your TV. You can use the included Micro-USB cable to do so. If your TV does not have a powered USB port, you can plug VZ-R into a wall outlet by using any of your phone or tablet 5V/1A USB power adapter. Or, you can simply plug it into a power bank.

Three ways to provide power for VZ-R

If your TV only comes with VGA ports, you can connect VZ-R to it by using an HDMI to VGA converter, such as the one from IPEVO. You can also use this method to connect VZ-R to any monitor display that only has VGA ports.

Turning on VZ-R
Turn on VZ-R using the Power Switch placed on the bottom-most of VZ-R’s body. A live image from VZ-R should appear on your TV with the best resolution automatically selected. VZ-R is now ready to use.

· If the live image does not appear on your TV, do check that you have the correct video input source selected. Some TVs come with more than one HDMI port, and you’ll have to select the corresponding HDMI input for VZ-R. If you’re still not getting any live image, please try a different HDMI cable.

Reading with VZ-R
Place your reading material under VZ-R. Find the best height, angle and orientation for capturing it by adjusting VZ-R’s swiveling head and multi-jointed stand. Next, choose a video filter that best suits your needs by pressing the Filter button on VZ-R. If you find the exposure to be too bright/dark, you can lower/increase it. Then, zoom into the particular section you’re interested to read by pressing the Zoom In button, and should you wish to refocus the live image, simply press the Focus button. That’s it! Now you have an affordable and portable “desktop magnifier”. And be amazed by the crystal clear text that appears on your TV as VZ-R features outstanding imaging performance with its 8MP Sony CMOS image sensor and Ambarella chip! What’s more, VZ-R comes with built-in LED light that gives you additional illumination when you need it.

Use a TV or monitor with aspect ratio of 4:3 if you wish to capture A3 sized document (11.7”x16.5”). Or, press the Zoom Out button when the live image is unzoomed to unlock a 4:3 displaying mode for a TV or monitor with 16:9 aspect ratio.

· Should the live image flickers continuously, please check the electrical frequency of your country (50/60Hz). Then, change VZ-R’s frequency to match it using the Frequency Switch placed at the back of VZ-R’s body.

· Each of the buttons placed on VZ-R’s body has a unique set of tactile indicator that allows you to differentiate them easily with just a touch.

Any questions or feedback about this setup? We’d love to know!