What is IPEVO Whiteboard? Here’s the Place to Start

Are you using iPad or Android tablets in the classroom? IPEVO has a way to significantly increase learning opportunities with tablets. It’s called IPEVO Whiteboard, and it’s a free app that will transform the way your students interact with teaching material.

IPEVO Whiteboard allows you to share and annotate a wide range of pictures, objects, screens and text. But let’s add some visual material to this discussion, shall we? Here’s a brief introductory video with a nice overview of what Whiteboard is all about.

And for a more in-depth look at some of Whiteboard’s features and functions, here’s a 3-part tutorial series:

Whiteboard App Part 1: Board Functions
Whiteboard App Part 2: Tool Options
Whiteboard App Part 3: Modes

Ready to give your curriculum a fresh new boost? IPEVO Whiteboard can help. Try it out for free!