What are rewards for voting compared to time in coop Go? Tokens of compensation for frustration? Bounty for transpersonal satisfaction?

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20 seconds of waiting for your turn. Then another 20 to consider if that move made any difference for your plan. A new threat for your color perhaps or an opportunity to catch stones? Will that or your plan look obvious enough for voters in your team?

This is not like any game of Go you might have played against another human or machine. You are just one mind among many and there might even be bots in your team. They or some of the humans might be in for rewards only. Rewards for each vote that might be worth nothing or quite a bit no matter how clever the choice. Or they might want nothing but a public canvas — 81 pixels of light on a curvy landmark temple for art. Their success at least seems guaranteed not only because they have this modernist organic translucent architecture of illumination next to the river. Go itself will do its best to turn arbitrary patterns into iconic art on any board. Convergence of loose connections into persistent swans are just the beginning. Eventually captured and removed formations leave missing patterns of captured pieces. …


Cybernetician of convergent acceleration — introduces crypto media with Lab10, economists to Mathematica at WU, artistic consensus research as I-phi-hop-form of

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