My Experience In Andela Bootcamp So Far

“Andela” sounds smooth, catchy and easy when saying the name that one would think getting a job in Andela is an easy thing. Well, its the opposite of easy and straight-forward. This is not my first time applying for Andela nor experiencing the Andela Boot-camp but it still feels like a new experience for me because Andela is always adding new stuffs.

The Andela Boot-camp is the final stage before acceptance into the Andela Fellowship made to identify high-potential software developers who share and possess the values of the organization, and develop them into world-class technical bests. The 2 weeks’ program is aimed to empower applicants to learn to acquire new technological skills on their own, work independently and also collectively as a team.

Prior to the boot-camp resumption, tasks were given to be completed before resumption. These are tasks that take almost all your day and still takes out from your sleep and the task seems never ending. Some of the tasks given involves registering on some websites, installation of some software, building website templates using html/css and bootstrap4 or material design. When viewing the tasks for the first time, It looked straight-forward and easy to do in 3 days. The registration tasks and installation was easy but the template task is easy and just long, then using pivotal tracker to write stories for for the project creation and implementation is challenge entirely. You will think you are doing it the right way and later find out there is a better and accepted way for the pivotal tracker task. Then using the git workflow was looking hard and complicated at first but after much explanation from my Learning Facilitator at the boot-camp, it became much clearer.

Boot-camp resumed on Monday, the 28th of August, 2017 . The first day started well,was brimming with so much confidence. I was ready for any challenge that is going to be thrown to me. The BFA’s introduced themselves and Andela to the boot-campers. It was an interactive session that lasted for an hour before we moved down to tasks for the day. The tasks included watching videos on growth mindset, seek-feedback and Test Driven Development which was really educative. Other tasks include writing an aritGeo function that checks if an array of numbers is either an Arithmetic Progression or Geometric Progression or neither and writing a blog-post. The aritGeo task was the most challenging for me. I had some errors on the code and started debugging the code which took a lot of time. It was just the kind of day that my eyes couldn't just see the errors. Eventually I finished the task and submitted which was a big sigh of relief for me and headed home.

The experience I have had so far has been completely well embraced even if it is so challenging and stressful. Nothing comes easy in life and hard-work and focus are very important tools to be successful. The Andela Boot-camp has is what I need to steer me to success and my dreams and goals are aligned with the Andela values.