My Experience In Andela Bootcamp So Far — Part2

The second, third and fourth days of the bootcamp, presence on site is not needed but our daily tasks and submission still goes on. My second day experience was a bag of mixed emotions. Smiling face, straight face, stressed face and hunger face was constant throughout till I went to bed by 3.30 am. I woke up that day as early as 6.00 am, used 30 mins to freshen-up, then resumed my Andela duties for the day. The output for that day was to watch videos on Object Oriented Programming and Writing Professional, writing a blog-post and creating an OOP implementation by modelling a real-world scenario/problem, while taking advantage of inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism and the other OOP concepts.

The tasks were straight forward, only the OOP Implementation task was complicated a little because I used almost an hour just thinking about the best real life scenario to use for it. I settled on using banking transactions as my example adding withdrawal and deposit of cash methods. After that wrote test cases for the implementation. It was a nice feeling seeing all my test cases successful. I was able to complete the daily output before deadline. I resumed back to the major project given to all boot campers by Andela. The project is called More-Recipes. The application is to provide a platform for users to share awesome and exciting recipe ideas they have invented or learnt. User can post it on the application and get feedback in form of reviews and votes from other users who explore that recipe. Users can also keep a list of their favorite recipes on the application. It seems simple but the project is broad and it is broken down into challenges. Challenge one of the project was mostly about creating templates, creating road map for the project. I set out a goal to complete the challenge one for that day and I was able to achieve that goal by 11.00 pm that day. I started with challenge two after that which involved creating database tables for the application. I finished with the database tables by 3.00 am, the ate something light because my tummy was so restless before I went to bed.

The third day of the Andela Bootcamp arrived so fast and its not going the way as I planned. There are many stuffs to achieve but very limited time. I got a news that is not favourable and it’s got me worked up. Information was passed that review of the boot-campers work has been moved up by a day from Friday to tomorrow Thursday. Honestly, part of me is prepared and another part is not because of some pending task to complete before tomorrow but what I know is that I must continue pushing to complete my task and go for the review tomorrow very prepared. All these experiences is gonna help me prepare for what is to come ahead and achieve my future goals.

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