Reflections So Far from Andela Bootcamp week1

The Andela Boot-camp experience has been fun-packed, challenging, educative, inspirational and fast-paced. It has not been easy, plenty ups and downs and body pains. I made it to the final week of the Andela 2 weeks Boot-camp and it came with so much joy and happiness seeing all my work and output in week 1 was worth every bit.

Last week was one of my most challenging week in all my years on earth. There were so many challenges, tasks to do and submit in limited time. Front-end design has never been my strong points. The task to create templates for the Boot-camp project was looking impossible at first glance but because of the driving force I had to to achieve my goal of entering into Andela, I had to be committed to my tasks and do learn HTML/CSS and bootstrap4 very well. During the course of building the templates, I started to enjoy front-end design. It became so clear and easy for me that I was able to complete the template task before the set deadline.

Sleep became a luxury for me through out last week. There were times the body was so weak and stressed but the mind was focused on the task at hand. I did not have up to 6 hours of sleep through out the week. I had frequent headaches and back-aches. I had to forcefully adjust to the daunting conditions because I had a goal to achieve and the drive to be a world class software developer was present in me. “Keep pushing and never give up” was my motto for the week.

My fellow boot-campers have been so supportive throughout the boot-camp period. Collaboration has been one of the tools that really assisted me through out the week. There were times I was lost in some tasks and could not debug errors, collaborating with my fellow boot-campers helped me understand some tasks and made it possible to debug errors well. Being with people with the same drive and commitment really made me more determined and focused.

Events of last week in Andela Boot-camp was filled with plenty new experiences that are required to excel in software development and I am glad I was able to experience them. Just in a week, I can gladly say that I have become a better software developer and can adapt to any software development task.

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