She opened her eyes to the creaking sound of the living room door and picked up her phone to check the time: 3.08am. "Who’s that one making noise this early now?", she thought to herself as she got up to empty her bladder, anticipating the remaining 7hrs of sleep she would enjoy, well into this fine public holiday morning.

She barely let out a scream before his cold, rough hand quickly pressed against her lips, almost obstructing her nostrils. The barrel of a pistol gently touched her belly as he pushed her against the corridor wall. "Scream and I sh.." He was interrupted by the sound of her dad: "What's the problem?", he asked as he stepped out, followed by her two younger brothers quickly stepping out of the boys' room.

The three robbers hovered over them as she sat with her brothers on the living room floor, afraid to utter a word, waiting for dad to return from the room, to where he'd been dragged by the fourth man.
"So this is what it's like to be robbed..." She thought to herself. " I hope they...". Then the sound came. It was loud. Hoarse. Unsettling. It must've echoed through the entire neighborhood.

She felt the chills crawl from her scattered unplaited hair to the tips of her toes, as the men all ran out the front door.

"It can't be." She picked up courage after a moment, and raced through the corridor to the master bedroom. There he was, lying motionless between her shocked brothers. There was a spreading bloodstain on her dad's shirt around his chest region. She froze. "It can't be."

"It can't be." She grabbed his shoulders and shook him. This was the perfect time to wake up from this nightmare.

"This is a dream." "This can't be happening." "No."

She didn't wake up. He didn't move.

It was then she felt the heaviness in her chest. Her breathing became laboured. She parted her lips but all she could muster up was a loud cry as she looked up and the tears came rolling down her cheeks.

She closed her eyes. "It can't be."

She opened her eyes just in time to see the fan start turning on the bedroom ceiling. The power had just been restored.

She jumped out of her bed panting, then held her breath as she raced through the corridor for the second time tonight.


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