Broken crayons still color. Shattered mirrors still reflect light. Being broken does not mean that we are useless. Being shattered does not mean that we must be thrown out.

Break a crayon and it becomes perfect for sharing with another person. Shatter a mirror and it becomes a mosaic of little reflections. Being broken means that we have the capacity to color the world more beautifully than a rainbow. Being shattered means that we have a greater power to reflect light. We must not see our broken life as pointless. We must not see the shattered pieces of our existence as a waste. Quite the contrary, in fact. Every broken and shattered piece of our life is a part of what makes each of us beautiful and meaningful. No one colors the world quite like you. No one reflects the light of existence the way you can.

Stop hiding your brokenness. Somebody needs it…your brokenness is useful! Use those pieces to help someone else, to make something new, to live a life that is even more spectacular than what you originally had planned…broken pieces still color.

The next time you reflect on your #brokenpieces I want you to change your perspective. Instead of mourning your failures I want you to realize the beautiful symphony that is being created out of your life.

I leave you with words of Trent Shelton — “we are all a little broken. But last time i checked, broken crayons still color the same”

Today, I will color this world and brighten this day in my own special way because I am broken and shattered.

Take Care and Remember To Be a Point of Light To someone out there!

#Live #Love #Laugh #Beinspired #beauty