Fixing A Broken iPhone Screen Doesn't Have To Suck

If you've ever broken or cracked your iPhone screen you know that finding a quality repair source in Atlanta that doesn't charge an arm and a leg can be incredibly frustrating. Apple themselves will try to get you to upgrade instantly, and that seems like its largely unnecessary for cosmetic cracks or blemishes on your front screen.

The question everyone is hesitant about is regarding third party repair services in Atlanta. Are they to be trusted, or are you just digging you and your broken iPhone 5 a bigger grave? After all, opening up your iPhone is not only voiding the prized original Apple warranty, but it is certainly not as easy as the average Android phone. Replacing the battery requires the removal of several screws using a special pentalobe screwdriver and without a steady hand or experience you’ll likely mess it up and cause larger problems.

This doesn't mean you are out of luck though, it just means you need to avoid the cheapest cell phone repair providers in the city as they likely are cutting corners to save a few bucks. Combined with the lack of after-repair warranty and you have yourself a ton of reasons to spend a bit more and go with a more established and trusted iPhone repair business. Using higher quality parts makes a world of difference and of course this will affect the end price for you. With that said, the average price of fixing a broken or unresponsive iPhone 4/4S or 5 device these days is $100 at the most extreme end of the scale, so there is little need to pinch pennies. Do a quick Google or Yelp search and find the companies in Atlanta you trust the most with repairing your iPhone. Consider turn around time obviously, but warranty as well as reputation and quality of parts is also very important.

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