If I have one more hotel breakfast…

Each year in the U.S., around 488 million people travel for business.

Business travel has its perks: free accommodations, exposure to a new place (or just a chance to get out of dodge), and the all-important ability to expense meals. Yeah, have that extra beer at the airport bar.

Business travel has its downfalls too, of course. Most of the time, you’ll spend your days in a conference center or office park rather than out and about. And that’s a bummer, especially if the place you’re visiting has sights worth seeing. Skift’s Megatrends Defining Travel in 2016 report found that a whopping 99.5% of business travelers look forward to business travel.

So how does a suit take advantage of the Hawaiian sunshine when the day’s schedule calls for 9 hours of meetings and workshops? (Yes, a colleague of ours actually had to attend an all-day, indoor conference in Hawaii. Can you imagine?)

One solution is to use your meal breaks (everyone has to eat!) to get a literal taste of the area’s culture. It’s so easy to pop down to a hotel cafe or walk a few blocks to the Panera — it’s something familiar, right?

Many business travelers do try to avoid this by scanning Yelp or whatever mapping app they use. But this takes up precious time, especially when you’re trying to high-tail it out of that conference room. What you need is a tap-tap-go solution. Next stop, burgers and craft beer with an ocean view and no line.

One of the reasons we created iPi was to address this exact situation: the on-the-go person with discerning tastes. You don’t want to eat at Applebee’s, but you also don’t want to spend time sifting through reviews. And, unlike much of iPi’s user base, you may not know any friends from the area you’re visiting.

The beauty of iPi is that whether or not you know the person who curated a certain place on the app, you can trust that they curated only places they like and recommend. Anything you find on iPi is a place that’s truly special or outstanding to the user.

For business travelers, this means that you can open the app, tap SOS, and have a selection of quality, local spots at hand. You might not have known that there was a small fish taco stand behind the Yard House in downtown Honolulu — but now you have some good regional food in front of you, and a truly local experience under your belt.

Savvy businesspeople know that the deal is often made outside the boardroom, so to speak. Real, human-to-human conversations happen on walks, over drinks, and over food. Your next find on iPi might help land that deal. (Or, you’ll just find some really good food and an escape from the torture that is business trips).

Happy traveling!

iPi is the travel app for people who want a trusted, local travel experience. We’re on the App Store and Google Play store. Say hi to us on Twitter @ipiapp.

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