The Truth Behind the Nonchalant Face

Unlike many people in this world I am not a very social person when it comes to being around people that I do not know. When I am around people that I do not know that well I tend to keep to myself, and not start any type of conversations with the people around me. Unless a person is actually one of the people that I could call a friend, they would most likely not know a lot of things about me and my personality. Usually when people first see me I have a nonchalant facial expression or a facial expression that makes me seem like a mean person. But the second that they actually talk to me that facial expression that was once on my face goes away, and is replaced by one that is more friendly looking and appealing.

Even though people may see me with a serious look on my face, I truly am not a serious person at all. I usually spend most of time with my friends or family joking around with them or doing something else that is entertaining. During the times when I am not joking around with my friends I tend to be very chill and down to do whatever with them. In situations where I am not with my friends I still keep my relaxed attitude and not become uptight. I am already a person that stresses about things easily, and thinks about the outcome of my actions before I do something even though I try to remain relaxed. So I would rather try to keep the mental attitude of being chill instead of having an uptight attitude. Uptight people have to go through a lot of stress because they expect things to come out a certain way. Uptight people also do not have as much fun as a person who is easy going, since they are usually concerned about the effects of their actions instead of actually enjoying themselves. I would rather not spend most of my time worrying about something that did not happen yet, and may not even happen at all. Taking everyday one step at a time and living in the moment while knowing your boundaries is truly a way better way to live, because you are not constantly worrying about things in your life that may seem to currently suck causing you to miss out on the things that will help you create good experiences in your life that you could reflect on whenever you would like to.

I may be a quiet and relaxed person around people I do not know, but that does not mean I will let people walk all over me. If it is needed I will defend myself and put that person in their place while I do it. One of the major types of people that I do not like are the people that are controlling, mean, and think that they can walk all over people like it is an okay thing to do. I am not the type of person that will just accept a person trying to control, be mean to, and walk over them; instead I am the type of person that will stand up for myself and for anyone who needs it and is to afraid to do it.

I am also a person that is very loyal to their family and best friends. My best friends and family are one of the main priorities in my life, and I take that very seriously. When it comes to my family and best friends I become very protective, because I do not want for them to get hurt or have to worry about anything. Just like how I do not let people walk over me I also do not let people walk all over my family or friends, nor do I let them talk bad about them in front of me. I honestly find it disrespectful when people talk about my family and best friends fully knowing that I am very close to them because it is rude especially since you know that I am close that person. If I know that that person who was talking bad about my loved one is suppose to be one of my loved one friends I automatically mark them as a fake person. The number one thing that I hate in the whole entire world are fake people. With fake people you usually do not know that they are a fake friend until they do something to you that reveals their true color. They are always the ones that act like they like you and they are your friend when they are around you, but once you turn around they start talking bad about you to other people. Once a person finds out that one of their friends turned out to be fake that could make them feel hurt and betrayed. Some people may dwell on this and not trust anyone who try to become friends with them or who are already friends with them, but they honestly just need to realize that friends come and go and they should not let it affect them badly in their lives.

As I grow older and mature my personality may have some things added to it because of future life experiences that I may go through, but one aspect I can assure you is that my loyalty to someone will stay with me forever.

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