Magento- The Best E-Commerce Platform

Magento is a flexible, open source eCommerce platform written in PHP. Magento avail you to easily develop and manage an eCommerce application. Good PHP training will guide you to work in the magento platform in a short span. Magento is developed on the basis of MVC architecture and Zend framework. Magento is introduced with exclusive features that it is capable of controlling multiple websites, with customized design, content management system, web service APIs and Google web optimizer.
At present, about 150,000 eCommerce websites are based on magento and thus makes it the best eCommerce development platform. Full edged security is always guaranteed by magento and the SEO friendly URLs, site maps, Meta data about the products all makes it the first option among developers. Magento also provides international support, marketing promotions and tools, customer services, order management options and catalog management tools which are essential for an online stores. So by joining a PHP training course based on magento will helps you to develop a best eCommerce application with exciting features.

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