Native or Hybrid apps… Which one is right for you?

Native, hybrid and web apps are the 3 different categories where mobile apps can be classified. Out of these 3, a web app, with less development time and cost allows you to reach the target audience across different platforms. A native app will have fully capitalized features of a mobile device and its OS whereas hybrid app will be a combination of both native and web app and HTML 5.

A Quick Comparison: Native vs Hybrid Apps

Many articles have been published to point out the pros and cons of both native and hybrid apps. A native app is specifically developed for particular operating system, for eg, Objective-C or Swift for iOS and Java for Android. It has features of operating system and follow practices for optimum performance. It has built-in facilities like address book, GPS, camera, calendar and so on with user interaction consistency with the app.

Pros and cons of Hybrid app


· Less time for development
· No extra effort need to taken for web developer
· Less cost for the development
· Multiple platforms can use one code
· Using responsive web design can be effectively designed for different screen types like tablets.
· Accessibility to operating system features and also device
· Advanced offline facilities and capabilities


· Does not support all operating system features
· For apps that require complex native functionality, some issues may be evolved
· Due to lack of native feel, app store can reject it

Hybrid apps are built using HTML 5 and Javascript that is created inside a native wrapper to provide access to native features. It’s using hybrid apps where your web skills can be utilized. So it is happy news that if you have experience in web development you don’t require extra effort to create hybrid apps.

Trading off with Hybrid app

Just like mentioned above hybrid apps have less development time, less cost, takes less time to market, maintain one code base for various platforms and easy to build, the other side of those apps is user experience. A lot has to be considered when it comes to user experience. Android and iOS, which are the two most popular platforms and quite different, there is no other way to build a mobile app that can focuses to users of both the operating systems.

Above all, the guidelines for designing those are different and also they have different style that makes it difficult to create hybrid app that gives higher user experience.

Which one is best for you?

Even if hybrid apps have many advantages, ultimately it is your choice of decision when it comes to your business. Since your business has its own objective and goals, the decision that is made must be quite good to take your business to next higher levels. It is very important to analyze the preferences of your target audiences. After careful analyzing, you need to decide whether you app needs to be developed for Android or iOS or for both. There are many advantages to be on both the platforms, but is it true that you need it immediately?

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