The most populous and wealthy churches in Nigeria are owned by Yoruba men and their Yoruba wives. They are into a highly lucrative business of selling Jesus and the Holy Ghost.

To their shame, Igbos pay these “simonists” the fattest offerings and tithes (disgraceful). Igbos make the highest donations for church buildings, pastors’ residents, Pastor anniversary, and almost ANYTHING that has a pastor’s name on or with it (delusion)….Most Igbos gullibly milk themselves dry to appease their parasitical pastors. They work hard for the business expansion of these lazy men who call themselves pastors , prophets, apostles, evangelists, etc. (meanwhile their aged parents have no house in the village). In each of these Yoruba church businessmen’s empire scattered across Nigeria and mostly in Igboland, the pastors assigned there are Yorubas. At various Igbo towns and villages, they have their delegated “puppet” pastors destroying all the ancestral shrines and everything that would make for world wide tourist attraction in Igboland . Whereas, in Yorubaland, all the ancestral shrines and practices are still intact….The Ọṣun Oshogbo festivals are still very much in practice and attract tourism and dollars into the region, especially from Africans born in the Diaspora from all over the world. These Yorubas are VERY PROUD of their native indigenous spiritualities despite their foreign Christian indoctrination. Why haven’t Adeboye, Oyedepo, Kumuiyi and so forth, gone to their respective communities or have their pastors destroy or burn down all that they are willing to destroy in Igboland in Jesus name??

The hypocrisy of these pastors and so called “Revered Fathers” cum Prophets is intolerable……Why burn down a sculpture in Igboland only to kiss and lick the one in Yorubaland or Israel??


1. Christ Apostolic Church: Joseph Ayo Babalola (Yoruba man) Kwara State
2. The Redeemed Christian church of God: Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi (Yoruba man), then to Enoch Adeboye (Yoruba man)
3. Winners Chapel: Oyedepo (Yoruba man) Kwara State
4. Deeper Life Bible Church: William Folorunso Kumuiyi(Yoruba man)
5. Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries: Daniel Kolawole Olukoya (Yoruba man)
6. The Synagogue-SCOAN: Temitope Balogun TB Joshua (Yoruba man)
7. KICC: Matthew Ashimolowo(Yoruba man)
8. Daystar Christian Center: Sam Adeyemi (Yoruba man)
9. House on the Rock Church: Paul Adefarasin(Yoruba man)
10. Latter Rain Assembly: Tunde Bakare(Yoruba man)

11. Christ Embassy: Chris Oyakhilome (Edo)
12. Lord’s Chosen: Lazarus Muoka(Imo)
13. Adoration Ministry: Father Mbaka(Enugu)

David Oyedepo founder of winners chapel has over 150 million dollars net worth, he makes millions in Naira weekly from offering and tithes from the poorest of the poor in our societies. He recently claimed that “God” told him to increase the tuition fee of his Covenant University. Yet, he cannot build industries that could employ the youths in his church.

What has Adeboye and Oyedepo done to give back to society? These Nigeria pastors are greedy and totally obsessed with money. They are more heartless and dangerous than politicians.


These bunch of heartless scammers, pastorpreneurs, impoverishing and brainwashing our youths, impregnating our women (both married and single) in Jesus name are the most DANGEROUS EVILS in our world today.

Igbos receive sense!!!!

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