Getting Over Uber
Susan Crawford

At least Crawford is consistent in her fear of technology in the hands of entrepreneurs and other capitalists. For a decade she’s been campaigning for fiber optic networks everywhere, but only if the government builds them and establishes very restrictive conditions on their use by for-profit enterprises. She’s especially fond of gigabit networks and sitting on the couch watching Netflix.

So along come Uber, Airbnb, TaskRabbit, and the other examples of the gig economy and she’s having heart attacks about all the disruption.

So what’s the point of gig networks if we can’t have a gig economy to bring their potential to fruition? Killing Uber means we go back to the bloat and the artificial scarcity of regulated taxis. What’s the next move, killing broadband and going back to the rotary phone?

Oh wait, that’s where the FCC is going with Title II (telephone network) regulation on ISPs.

Yep, it’s all consistent: only the government can be trusted with technology, it’s just too scary for the common people to mess with.