Net Neutrality and the FCC: Deja Vu All Over Again
Fred Johnson

It’s pretty funny that net neutrality fans are still trotting out the same old tired arguments about the alleged monopoly enjoyed by cable companies when leading American think tanks are eliminating anti-monopoly programs when told to do so by Google.

The Internet enables monopolies to be created alright, but not so much in networks as in services. Facebook now has 2 Billion active users per month and Google has created 7 lines of business with over a billion users each. Amazon is taking over the grocery business, and Netflix completely owns streaming video.

Most importantly, 95% of all new Internet ad sales are made by Google and Facebook. Even if you don’t ever go to these companies’ websites, they come to you every time you visit a newspaper or a blog and see the ads they placed.

Speaking of documentaries, see Food Evolution, the best doco ever made. Netflix and Amazon Prime won’t touch it, but it’s worth a purchase.

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