The Long March to Fiber Will Take Many Roads….
elliot noss

The fiberization of America was a lofty and forward-looking goal 15 or 20 years ago when engineers started talking it up, but wireless technology has advanced so fast and so far that FTTH is no longer a meaningful goal. If you ask consumers whether they would prefer gigabit FTTH to 100 megabit mobile broadband (with similar data limits), I would submit that about 99% would go for the wireless option.

That doesn’t mean symmetrical gigabit fiber is worthless, however. It has tremendous value as a backhaul technology for wireless base stations ranging from the macrocells that serve multiple miles and the microcells that will enable 5G to actually exceed 100 Mbps in many instances.

5G mobile broadband networks are much less expensive than FTTH, and they offer the amazing benefits of high speed, security, mobility, and network uniformity. Any city that spends taxpayer money to extend fiber beyond the hook-up points for mobile networking is wasting it.

Most of America understands this intuitively, regardless of what our self-appointed experts tell us. I suspect you understand it too, given your experience as an MVNO.