The Story of Me

In this world, most people have goals they want to achieve by a certain time. For some people, they don’t get to achieve those dreams and goals because they hit a rough path in their life.

My goal so far is to finish high school, go to college, travel around the world, and become a detective.

What I learned most on this journey to begin my teenage life is to be yourself and do things what makes you happy. I hope my story leads me to do something that makes me happy.

Pie Charts


Music to me is very important because it helps me concentrate more on my tasks and because it helps me relax. I use music as a thing to escape the real world sometimes. Or even when I’m having a bad day, I listen to music to cheer myself up.

I love this song so much because it introduced me to one of the best bands in the world. From this band I also found my other favorite bands.

What I Usually Do on Friday Nights


Usually on Friday nights, I watch YouTube videos from my favorite youtubers.

Doing What I Love

Three People Who I Admire

Photo Credits: 2048 Josh Dun and Tyler Joesph Game

Tyler Joseph has inspired me to start learning piano and to be myself. I admire how he interacts with all his fans and the meaningful songs he writes.


I admire Becca Fitzpatrick because her books were on the first series I loved and fell in love with the characters. She showed me through her books that you have imagination.


I admire Robert Lewandowski because he taught me to never give up on my dreams and to continue practicing. He also taught me to try my best even though things might not turn out the way you want it.

Favorite Quote

“Sometimes you will never know the the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” — Dr. Seuss