Another Disney Day Trip

Oh, Disney. Whether it’s just a day trip that consists of a few hours at the parks or a week long trip, Walt Disney World is always fun. There really is so much to do. Normally, when we go, I juggle around all types of camera equipment. It all ranges from my Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 to my Canon 6D and everything in between. Lenses, film, batteries, straps, tripods, etc. Needless to say, I lug my gear all through out the park — and why wouldn’t I? I love my gear and love photography and I certainly don’t want to miss a moment. However, this past Saturday (Oct. 1, 2016), I wanted to do something different: not bring a camera other than the one in my pocket to the trip. My new iPhone 7 Plus. The results? Well, you judge for yourself. As for me, I love my new upgrade to the iPhone 7 Plus. And shooting on this trip, exclusively on my iPhone, was fun and kept me light so I could breeze through the parks (we only went to Animal Kingdom and Epcot this time). Check out the unedited images below of my day trip to Disney. All I did to most of them was crop them to a 16x9 format. If you’d like to see what they look like edited, I did that too. Just click the link at the end of the blog post.


Sleepy Lion

Yum, yum. 🌿

Racks on Racks on, what?!

A Pond Along the Safari

Young Travelers


Authorized Excavator

Little House on the…Norway.

A New Angle on Spaceship Earth

and Spaceship Earth

A Train in Germany

A Portrait of my Princess

Last Call (low-light)

Check out the edited versions (edited using Lightroom + VSCO Film presets) here: 500px

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