GoPro Karma Grip vs DJI Osmo Mobile at Epcot

This past weekend, my family and I went on a day trip to Disney. We were going to Walt Disney World’s newest festival, Festival of the Arts at Epcot. Epcot is a Disney theme park that features many countries. I figured there is no better place to get stabilized footage than a trip around the world (at Epcot). Check out the video after the break along with my thoughts on both the pros and cons of both gimbals.

Initially, the DJI Osmo Mobile was my favorite. I had grown accustomed to the joy stick, the app, and loved features like being able to use the hard to change cameras on my iPhone (from selfie cam to rear cam). The trigger allowed you to also lock the orientation or center the video.

When I started using the Go Pro Karma, I was incredibly disappointed. It took quite a bit for it to pair at first. Then the buttons worked intermittently. Overall, I was disappointed.



dedicated joystick to move camera
buttons with multiple functions like trigger
dedicated app
versatility in terms of devices can be used (I used the GoPro with an adapter)
tripods and extenders available


feels delicate
chargers with a 3.5 mm jack
app doesn’t save video naively to device you’re using

GoPro Karma Grip


comfortable to hold
USB-C charging port
hard protective carrying case
detachable parts (future accessories?)
works flawlessly with GoPro


only works with GoPro
feels buggy (buttons don’t always respond)
also, buttons seem useless
no trigger or joystick or app
gimbal obstructs the LCD 🤔

Final Thoughts

Annnnnnddddd…..if you want the best stabilized video…on a GoPro, the Karma Grip it is! When you watch the video, at 2:26 minutes, I start running with the Karma Grip. The video looks cinematic and silky smooth. At 7:00 minutes, I run with the Osmo for comparison. Honestly, the footage prior to the run with the Osmo is disappointing at times. In fairness, the adapter’s weight jerks the stabilization at times which is the cause for the shaky footage. The Osmo Mobile wasn’t designed for that so it makes sense. If you mainly use a GoPro, then hands down, the Karma Grip is the way to go. If you shoot with a mobile device, the Osmo wins. If it’s 50/50, then I’d say Karma Grip. The trade off for cinematic footage is worth it.

Oh wait, Epcot’s Festival of the Arts…

This is Epcot’s newest festival and it’s amazing! In short, the Festival features

- art booths and tents
- food booths (like food and wine, just not as many)
- live music center stage and throughout the countries
- artist meet and greets
- a paint by number mural
- photos of classic paintings
- special treats
- and like we talked about in the video, a fun scavenger hunt

What are your thoughts on the gimbals? Any additional questions, ask in the comments Until next week friends…

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