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It’s no secret and I’m only stating the obvious here: we live in a digital world. A few months ago I wrote a post about disconnecting and a separate post on why I left Instagram. As time went on, I found myself finding new reasons to get involved with social media, including using new platforms like Medium. Because of Pokemon Go, YouTube, blogging, and Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom (a game at a Disney Park), I’m active in different communities on Facebook Groups. Recently, I returned to Instagram and here’s why.

I reluctantly call myself this but it is what it is: I’m a photographer. Truth is, I love taking, capturing moments, always having my camera with me and using . I love to create content. I was using 500px but Instagram is where the people live. 500px is an amazing community, filled with talent. I love being a part of it all; however, where Instagram wins is that the people you’re sharing with are people you know — most of them at least. Facebook has become what it wanted to be, a utility. It’s something everyone has but not something you always use. Therefore, as I continue to create and share, one of the best platforms I could use is Instagram.

Since we’re on the topic of social media, today I purchased a new tool: Spectacles. The are made by Snap, Inc, for SnapChat use (yes, Snap, Inc. also made SnapChat, the company just changed it’s name recently). Who knows what effect this is going to have but in my experience so far, I was able to capture moments with a quick tap to start recording without ever being pulled out of the moment. What I mean by that is I didn’t have to set my camera or pull out my phone for the shot, I just tapped and kept doing what I was doing. It was awesome. And there’s no scary, big-brother, red surveillance record light that comes on, instead what you get is a friendly ring of white LEDs that spin around.

What are your thoughts on Social Media? Does it hinder or boost what you’re trying to accomplish? And Spectacles? Is it something that can go mainstream? Google Glass didn’t make it far, but at $129, did Spectacles find the right space to be in? Check out the posts linked above and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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