I have created a line of Gifts that heal, elevate and inspire others. These creations are being extremely well received at the Seattle gift show with purchase orders that total $30,000 plus and new contracts and proposals for giant and far reaching customers that are exploding like a shining star! The concept of multidimensional gifts that carry sounds, smells and stories and trigger healthy patterns of thinking and behaving is resonating throughout the world! I am being sought after for healing and mediumship services and have my book published and on the Hayhouse Radio Bestseller list entitled “Finding God at a Garage Sale”, I have my own segment on Hayhouse Radio called “The Artistic Medium” I am living a multidimensional life with tears of joy and gratitude in my eyes and heart for these abundant gifts, I live every day thankful for believing in myself enough to follow through on my dreams.

Yes You Can Monica!!! Yes you can!!!

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