Daniel Graham | iProGraham

Mar 5, 2014 · 2 min read

Daniel Graham, nicknamed “iProGraham” by close friends and colleagues, is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and the Chief Technology Officer at Reservada.com (formerly VegasGoodBuys) and Clientivity.com. A business degree from Loyola Marymount University, serial entrepreneur and over 20 years of experience in software development have refined Daniel’s unique ability to engineer efficient solutions using todays most innovative technologies.

Before starting VegasGoodBuys with CEO Brett Talla, Daniel ran his own software company, iProGraham Inc. servicing clients such as Humin/Panjia (CTO 2010-2011), The Kairos Society (CTO 2010-2012), 1stRound, VoicePlate and United Licensing Group to name a few.

“Making the transition to Vegas was a no-brainer. Brett Talla and Troy Arnold are two of my favorite people, Vegas is exciting and full of opportunity, and Reservada.com / Clientivity.com has more growth potential than any other company I’ve worked with.” Daniel’s primary objective for the first two quarters of 2014 is to expand the companies network of travel professionals who use their affiliate software platform.

Daniel shared a few basic principals that he believes have helped to guide him to a level of success most will only dream of:
“Good business is my secret formula, when you learn to control greed, share, under-promise and over-deliver quantifiable value, you are part of a rare breed that is appreciating with value every day. Everyone in business is bound by logic. If you give more than you take, you’ve got a client…”

For more information about Daniel and Clientivity / Reservada.com please visit http://www.Clientivity.com


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