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Apr 2 · 2 min read
Job Portal

iProtocol Network presents an extreme Job portal over the world of employment. A total scope of recruitment, freelance or contractual process makes the system efficient with task management, Project management, department management and payment system. It’s about to make the entire iProtocol user usable to each other. iProtocol system is sorted with every user’s bio-data with his experience and portfolios. Each iProtocol application user can choose the right person belongs to their need. Even an iProtocol general user also can get freelance and open service with one time or contractual recruitment.

Every of iProtocol user can make their business or duty by the application. Each person have their own profile are oriented with his regular duty, skills and assets. Everyone have the options to choose the right person just belongs to iProtocol and get their job done.

· Advanced and user friendly features

· Appealing visibility with comfortable user interface

· Excellent paid customers support

· Easily customizable

· Comprehensive job search functionality

· Multiple search option based on keywords

· Location based search options

· Category-based jobs filtering

· Forum Discussion Boards

· Adaptive Recruitment tools

· Easy development of job requisitions and approvals

· Multiple means of talent sourcing

· Candidate screening and processing

· Tools for talent management and monitoring

· Employer Branding

· Streamlined HR process

· Applicant tracking

· Mass communication and tracking

· Integrated Interview Scheduling

· Real-time questionnaires and tests

· Measurable result

· The number, diversity and quality of candidates reaching each stage of recruitment

· Activities of the recruitment team

· Reliable customer service

· Accessible with iProtocol Application system

· Integrated payment method

· Task and scheduling system

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