iProtocol Network launches $2,50,000 Airdrop Campaign. | 1,00,00000 IPN will be dropped.Eligable for first 20,000 members.

iProtocol Network
Apr 25 · 2 min read
iProtocol Network Airdrop

iProtocol Network is a decentralized Blockchain based one stop web, mobile and desktop application system for the general users worldwide. It’s an online or offline (synchronizable) application suit that covers you, your documents, business, staffs, dealings and payments — as of, if there is no internet connection every data will be save to device database system and will be stored again after getting back to online within decentralized server. iProtocol Network creates an individual Operating System that is assembled with Blockchain program, server-side program and Open source program.

The Airdrop is starting now.

We launched our Airdrop Campaign to spread awareness about our coming IEO, and we’ve already had a massive response from people. iProtocol Network will do IEO with LATOKEN in next month.

We are distributing 1,00,00000 IPN tokens (worth a total of 2,50,000 USD)

Airdrop details:

Campaign reward: 500 IPN ($12.5)

1 IPN=0.025 USD.

Campaign instructions:

1.Join iProtocol Network Telegram group (https://t.me/iprotocolnetwork )
2. Like and follow iProtocol Network Facebook page(https://www.facebook.com/iProtocol.Network/ )
3. Follow iProtocol Network on Twitter (Twitter:https://twitter.com/iProtocolNetwrk)
4. Sign up at iProtocol Network website. Please use same name in sign up page what you have entered here to get tokens in your dashboard.

To participate AIRDROP please log in https://iprotocol.network and click join airdrop.

Airdrop End Date: 11th may 2019

Airdrop tokens will be sent after IEO event.

Social medias of iProtocol Network




Linkedin page:https://www.linkedin.com/company/iprotocol-network

reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/iprotocolnetwork

Youtube channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_sP5I9xv42UK1XrXVVwFag


iProtocol Network

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