OWTC — Online World Trade Center

iProtocol Network
Apr 2 · 2 min read
Online World Trade Center

By the clear vision, with blockchain security and open source development of iProtocol Network, general people can completely rely on iProtocol for their own security. While using iProtocol, everyone gets involved with iProtocol social and regular activities, and performs business or job through iProtocol Application system. From a departmental shop to an enterprise e-commerce, remote/physical job to freelancer or a small business to an industry, every business will love to work with iProtocol application for the vast features and security system. Also, everyone can manage each transaction within the single platform from hand to hand or to bank or even to foreign exchange.

In this method, indeed from an industry to a general customer, every user uses iProtocol payment system around the world in preferred currency or IPR. At the end, iProtocol creates the future of connected and united business all over the world with their assets and products. Every corporation with a business combined into one system like their departments, supplier, vendors and customer. Yet the businesses can be linked and contracted to each other with their needs and private restrictions. It seems a global business platform into one section. iProtocol introduce the situation as OWTC- Online World Trade Center. iProtocol is going to be the first and largest business community with its activities and payment method around the world.

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