Why would you work for a startup?

It’s your first job and you have managed to grab a position is a reputed MNC of which your parents are significantly proud of. Yet you feel something isn’t going right. This isn’t how you had imagined your first job to be. You always wanted to work hard, unleash your creativity, learn lots of interesting stuffs and simultaneously earn loads of money. But gradually you realise, you are just a teeny tiny part of something larger going on. And that’s definitely not rewarding.

Have you had any such thoughts? Chances are that you didn’t.

This doesn’t happen to everyone and this might not be the right approach to life. But, some of us might be able to connect to this. We somehow get drawn towards startups.

It might be the want to get hold of the functioning of a company or the curiosity of understanding everything about the work we do. It might also be the desire to feel passionate towards work or the need to utilise all of our capabilities.

Pros of working in a startup –

1. You know ‘exactly what’ you are doing and ‘exactly why’ you are doing.

2. You work directly under the supervision of the person whose vision runs the company.

3. You get to do a lot more interesting stuff you always wanted to.

4. Meetings are no longer boring and they includes actual discussion which would actual lead to somewhere.

5. Your sense of responsibility increases since your work is directly effecting the company’s revenue and consequently your salary.

6. You get to present your ideas and views to be taken seriously.

7. None of your skills get wasted; each of your skill can find a place in the company provided you have that dynamism in you.

8. You gather knowledge of various domains.

9. Your creativity can be at its full swing.

10. There’s no limit to how much your salary can grow.

11. You know your products very well thus, boosting your confidence to the next level.

Cons of working in a startup–

1. Work load can get to an all new level. So, it would be advisable to step back if you have a special affinity towards laziness.

2. No job security. Unlike big companies, whose failure of one product can’t decide its face, start-ups are prone to getting shut down with just one strategy gone wrong.

3. Abnegation of all facilities of big companies has to be made.

4. You might have to think about work all the time because your work might start missing you.

5. Due to the small team, you get to meet just a few numbers of people every day.

6. No scope of bunking because you are directly under the radar.

7. You can no longer be careless about what you say about your work.

8. You might have to be prepared with elongated answers when being asked about “Which company do you work for?”

9. Forget vacations!

10. You would find yourself involved in so many things and eventually you might not specialize at any skill.

11. You would give way to some uncertainties.

So, considering the above points, decide for yourself which category you would want to fall in.