I see shadows, dark figures in my dreams,
But when I wake up the sun hides them in its gleam. 
Even though I know they are right behind, 
Following my every move, our futures twined.

Trying to hold me back forcing me to surrender,
I am barely breathing, been through a ringer.
Afraid, scared, too weak to move,
Lost, lost in my own head fighting to improve.

My own keep adding insult to my injury, 
What happened to one big happy family?
There is a intense method to my madness, 
But blinded by rumours all they see in my weakness.

Fear, caring the world forced by the traditional upholders,
Walking around like there is a chip on my shoulder.
Maybe all this is a delusion in my head,
Prisoners of my own demons creating bloodshed.

Feel like an introvert soul stuck inside an extrovert’s body, 
Ha-ha, very funny lieing straight at everybody.
I Don’t need an herd of cool kids to hang out, 
I’d rather go around alone and give 'loner freak' a shout out.

Maybe this is all a ruse to distract you from the truth, 
Just like this charade I enacted with words no worth.
Maybe I savour your unfounded pity, 
Because then I know people still feel some authenticity.

I am me which is as orginal as i can be, 
With people faking everything from accent to being free.
When we all know they are as caged as the animals in the zoo,
Going impotent, acting like they have gone cuckoo.

As human its our primal instinct to fight,
Survival through rivival is our only strike.
Those who try to bring us down, 
Riot, shout, brawl, spar make them put their weapons down.

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