Parallel North IP joins IPwe’s Ambassador Network

IPwe is proud to announce that Parallel North IP has joined our Global Ambassador network.

Parallel North IP is a European Intellectual Property consulting and monetizing firm providing customized services for clients to leverage the value of their IP. They determine the monetary value of IP assets, which is critical to any IP-related risk assessment, sale, license or other transaction. They are ranked as one of the Top 10 IP Valuation Service Firms in the world according to Forbes.

Located in Sweden, PNIP is working with IPwe to deliver value to their clients by reducing the cost of patent ownership and helping patent owners to unlock the full value of their Intellectual Property.

Discover how joining the IPwe Ambassador Program can help you drive and grow your business, focus on your most highly valued patent clients, and help your clients extract value from their inventions. Email us at if you are interested in learning more.

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