What happened after I quit Facebook?

It’s been almost 10 days I deactivated my Facebook account and didn’t activate in the meantime (unlike the past attempts). The reason for deactivating Facebook account is just like all other guys who did it so I will not bother you to repeat them but I would like to tell you what happened after that.

  1. I opened Facebook in new tab several times but than I realized, I have deactivated it.
  2. I have much more time now which I spend in Medium, Twitter and learning iOS programming.
  3. I really miss Facebook Connect which helped me to get in most of sites.
  4. I don’t see the featured memes.
  5. I don’t see useless facebook ads now which tell me how to grow manhood.
  6. I don’t see people’s collage of 15–20 pictures shot in the same way.
  7. I don’t see which song is someone listening or which movie someone watching.
  8. I needed Facebook account to create an Facebook app. Firstly I thought to activate my personal account but than I just created a fake profile and things are going smoothly.
  9. I just setup new flat and office with my roommate. After setting down everything, I just shot some pics. I felt an urge to put them on Facebook (however I have deactivated my account). I simply send those pics to some close friend via whatsapp.
  10. I feel no regrets, no disappointments. Every time I spent time on facebook, I felt regret after it. I am much confident now. If I can live without Facebook, I can do more things in my life. I am in control.
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