Things to Consider Before Buying an ATV

ATVs(All Terrain Vehicles) can be a lot of fun. They can also help you get work done that you couldn’t get done with a truck or larger automobile.

But before you buy your next ATV, you should think about these things.

What Will You Use It For?

This decision plays into the other decision factors when choosing your which ATV you plan on purchasing.This is at the top of your decision tree when purchasing your ATV.

What Kind of ATV Do You Need?

Standard ATV

There are several different types of ATV’s that you might consider purchasing. First, there is the standard 4 wheel ATV’s with one seat seen in the picture below.

Next, there’s the side by side ATV that can carry more than one person. This ATV is a lot of fun in order to go off-roading and exploring with a partner. It’s able to travel narrower paths than a 4x4 automobile like a Jeep.

Side By Side ATV

Then there’s the worker’s ATV. The one that looks like a combination 4x4 pickup and golf cart.These can be great for doing work around the farm or on your construction site.

ATV With Truck Bed

How Will You Pay For It? What Is Your ATV Price Range?

Will you pay for your ATV with cash that you’ve saved? Or will you pay for it with an ATV Loan and then pay back the loan over time?

This decision will play into what you believe your ATV price range is as well. ATVs can range from thousands to 10s of thousands of dollars depending on the ATV you choose.

ATV loans can be difficult to get if you don’t have good credit and you’re purchasing the ATV for personal enjoyment but if you are looking at buying the ATV for purposes of work or your job, it may be easier to find financing for your ATV. Be sure to refer to our ATV Loan Calculator when making this decision.

What Brand Should You Buy?

Different brands are known for different kinds of ATVs and for having different features. These features are geared towards the different functionality an ATV is used for so its important that you understand what each brand specializes in. Here is a list that is by no means exhaustive of different ATV brands you can find in the market place.

Polaris ATVs, Arctic Cat ATVs, CanAm ATVs, John Deere ATVs, Honda ATVs, Kawasaki ATVs, Yamaha ATVs.

We hope this article was useful and you find the ATV you’re looking for.