Despite the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies, the trend towards stricter regulation and de-anonymization still persists. Governments are introducing new rules and prohibitions that affect the digital money industry in one way or another. In addition, the EU is exerting significant pressure on the cryptocurrency industry, which is trying to implement unified approaches to the regulation and taxation of transactions with coins and tokens.

In today’s article, IQeon experts will explore measures that are being taken by the authorities in particular countries with a high level of digital development and how they are changing the field of crypto assets.

USA: regulation is the prerogative of different agencies

In America…

Today the entertainment industry is facing a real problem of content overload. And the main reason for this is piracy. Illegal duplication of other people’s work has reached unprecedented scale — according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Innovation Policy Center, piracy in entertainment industry deprives it of 11 to 24% from the annual $100 billion turnover.

The issue of honest content creation and consumption was especially pervasive before the advent of blockchain. But now the situation is changing dramatically: with the help of distributed ledger, it is possible to completely eliminate the problems of fraud and distribution of…

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YoBit is not only a classy trading platform with the traded value of $32M and the user traffic more than 27M per month, it is one of the few exchanges to offer an extremely wide range of currencies for trade. In accordance with Coinmarketcap 24 Hour Volume Rankings, YoBit is among TOP 35 crypto exchanges.

Quite recently, the platform introduced the investment opportunities for its users. The option is called ‘Investbox’ and provides YoBit users with the possibility to earn. YoBit has the investment plan and in case any user has some particular sum of free coins available for investment…

Dear friends, as you know, the management of IQeon actively works on extending partnerships network and makes agreements with game developers, online exchangers and crypto-exchanges. Today we want to report that IQeon team has come to a mutual agreement on the listing of IQN cryptocurrency on the GetBTC exchange.

GetBTC is a universal platform for delivery trades. The exchange follows AML/KYC procedures and is quite a big resource with the traded valuem of $19M and the user traffic of 23.000 per month.

IQeon team wishes all IQN owners successfully trade on the GetBTC after the end of the ICO. Follow our news — we are working hard to increase the number of reliable exchanges for you to trade IQN!

On January 24, IQeon team took the time to present our groundbreaking gaming ecosystem. We are happy to boast that the audience was very welcoming and responsive.

IQeon representatives answered a lot of questions and elaborated on the many windows for cooperation IQeon is offering. Our potential partners and investors displayed a keen interest. A group of British investment companies negotiated with us on the most favorable conditions to buy IQN tokens during the Main Round of ICO that starts on January 30, 2018.

We also had a chance to negotiate some of the joint projects. Namely, an Indian game…

One of the directions of IQeon gaming ecosystem development is to host intelligent and logical tasks combined in public and private game rooms.

What is a game room?

Game rooms include a set of logical tasks that should be completed within a short period of time. The winner is the one who spends the least amount of time to complete the tasks. Moreover, these rooms are open for some particular period of time. Afterwards, they are closed and the winners receive their rewards.

The prize fund is made up of bets placed by the gamers. The platform and the developers…

IQeon possesses the inbuilt mechanism to organize cybersport tournaments. The games to compete on could be not only the ones, presented at the platform but any other games featuring the competitive nature. For these games, the important condition is to track the tournament results with the help of one of the supported APIs (Steam, Origin, Uplay,, etc.).

How the to start a tournament

1. IQeon web portal provides the opportunity for anyone to start their very own cybersport tournament. …

The applications and games industry is growing rapidly each year. In 2017, the volume of the games market reached $109 billion, and by 2021 the volume is considered to reach $130 billion. As for the players, from the two billion gamers a maximum of 3% are able to monetize their achievements, often facing the problem of fraud.

The IQeon PvP gaming platform is a revolutionary solution that has a number of advantages for players, developers, and investors. Players get the opportunity to enjoy their favorite online games, bet on the outcome of games and so on, as well as legally…

The event was held on December 14, 2017, and was closed to the public. IQeon management key figures were granted the admission because we are running a successful startup project, IQeon PvP decentralized gaming platform.

We were happy to participate in such a significant event for cryptoworld and had an opportunity to elaborate on our project and the ways it’s changing the gaming sphere through the facilitation of the monetization processes. We also discussed the joint projects to run in cooperation with some gaming partnering organization.


Gaming PvP platform

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