The climate crisis is arguably the greatest threat of our times, and like most global crises, it affects poor and marginalized communities first and most severely. Populations that face the greatest increases in migration, disease, and trauma as a result of climate change are ironically, the least responsible for the crisis. In 2018, the United States and China alone produced 43% of the world’s total carbon emissions. Meanwhile, developing countries produced a small fraction of this, and yet, are facing the most immediate consequences.

Comparing per nation Carbon emissions (1950–2000) and climate change associated mortality. Countries with lower carbon emissions have higher mortality.

This unfair reflections of responsibility and consequence can be better understood through examining smoking. Smoking is…

Meera Kumanan

The United States leads the world — both in COVID-19 cases/deaths as well as the incarcerated population. 2.2 million individuals exist in the American penal system, making up nearly 20% of the world’s incarcerated. As of July 30th, 78,526 prisoners tested positive for the coronavirus, with nearly 8,000 new cases just last week. The fatality rate is nearly 3 times that of the general American public. While these populations are major labor supplies for PPE and hand sanitizer manufacturing, they lack access to these very barriers against infection, and continue to be one of the hardest hit populations.

The fight against HIV/AIDS in India requires more.

Written by Meera Kumanan

Connecting low-income women in the developing world with health-care facilities is a public health achievement. However, these achievements are meaningless if healthcare is saturated with discriminatory attitudes towards HIV/AIDS patients.One gynecologist in Mumbai admits to the Population Reference Bureau that when a low-income woman is found HIV-positive, he calls her mother-in-law and explains the diagnosis to her, fully cognizant of the implications. In the same report, a 23-year-old Indian woman was thrown out of her home once her mother-in-law and husband were aware of her HIV-positive status, labeling her as “immoral.”

This poor treatment is not…

Written by Meera Kumanan

As the world focuses on one virus, we may soon see the resurgence of other infectious disease as a result of interruptions in global vaccination campaigns. Vaccinations are arguably the most revolutionary development in public health, minimizing or even eradicating illnesses like polio and smallpox that once ravaged communities at large. Mass vaccination campaigns are essential, especially in low- and middle-income communities, to reduce infection rates and mortality. However, as this pandemic continues to make routine immunization efforts difficult, decades of vaccination campaigns may be set back. …

Written by Meera Kumanan

Taken from Stop the Traffik, an organization aiming to prevent human trafficking.

Modern slavery exists in the form of human trafficking, where human beings are traded as goods for exploitation via recruitment or abduction. The very existence of human trafficking is an abomination to humanity. Of the over 40 million individuals victimized in trafficking and exploitation, nearly one quarter are children. Child trafficking is a serious global health issue, and like many other problems in our world, has been exacerbated by COVID-19.

The Scope of Child Trafficking

Human trafficking is characterized by the coercion, abduction, and/or exploitation of an individual — very similar to our understandings of slavery. Under that definition, we can…

Written by: Meera Kumanan

As much of the country celebrated the Fourth of July this past weekend, I thought it would be appropriate to analyze health disparities among the original people of this nation — Native Americans. Like many underserved communities, COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted indigenous populations, threatening their very existence. In some states, native groups are dying from the coronavirus at 10 times the rate of white Americans. …

Written by: Meera Kumanan

The world’s largest humanitarian crisis was in Yemen, with more than 80% of the population requiring humanitarian assistance. Then, COVID-19 infiltrated its borders. Now, Yemen may face the largest loss of life during this global health crisis.

Civil War in Yemen (2015-present)

In order to understand the current crisis in Yemen, its history with conflict must be examined. During the Arab Springs of the early 2010’s, Yemen’s authoritarian president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, handed over his power to Abrabbuh Mansour Hadi. However, the transition was difficult, with Hadi inheriting the effects of Saleh’s mass corruption. …

Written by Martina Granieri

In the world, every year, people deal with their health and request services that can help them check and maintain their health in any sort of form, from medical treatment to a simple medical consultation. It’s estimated that half of the world’s 7.3 billion people cannot access essential health services. Even when people can access health care, the cost of paying for it is often catastrophically high. With the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, more and more people are concerned about their health.

This creates a great market opportunity for businesses that can create many innovative products and…

Kyle Banker

Athletes in Social Isolation

Throughout COVID-19, athletes across the United States have been prevented from playing the sports that they love. As a result, athletes can have trouble staying away from their sports, or even worse, experiencing mental illness or toughness from remaining inside. Now, you may be thinking why would an individual’s mental health be negatively affected by not playing a sport? This is solely due to the extreme dedication and time that athletes put into their respective sports to improve at their game. …


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