4 Horrible Branding Practices You Should Avoid While Creating Your Business Logo

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Oct 16, 2018 · 3 min read

The logo is your brand identity that must be designed to look appealing. Before you consider logo design company in Dubai, you should know what awful mistakes businesses often commit while designing their logos. But could you guess the consequences? High customer turn-out, less number of inquiries and a steady decline in your brand’s offering. You won’t be able to take the financial blows that come along with it. This is why designing it the right way is the only solution as there’s no room for mistakes.

If you are about to create your company logo, then avoid making the mistakes in your logo design that most people do. Check out them below:

1. Cluttered and Complicated Logo

Usually, things take a wrong turn if you don’t let the best logo design agency do the logo design for you. While the idea of self-attempting is fascinating but it often turns out your logo into a cluttered and complicated thing. No matter how good are you with a paintbrush, you should resist the urge to design it on your own. Keep it simple to make it easy for your customers to recognize you.

2. Trying to Impress Everyone Other Than Your Audience

Want to impress everyone with your logo? In an effort to do so, you might end up considering a lot of design elements for your logo. This mistake is often made by businesses! You don’t have to impress everyone but only your target audience. You might be surprised to know that some logos consist of a single word. Instead of selling it to everyone, you should focus on creating it in a way that speaks about your specialty. The message it conveys must resonate with your target audience and an esteemed logo design company in Dubai could help you with the ideas needed.

3. Use of a Boring Tagline That’s Good For Nothing

Taglines spark a new life in your logos. Catchy taglines create interest of people and stay in their memories for a long time. But they don’t get the attention they deserve if make them boring. Remember, using dull and boring tagline is a common mistake that backfires. Connecting with people would be a lot easier if you can think off a phrase that gets their attention.

4. Inconsistent Design That Messes-Up Everything

The other problem that’s frequently seen in the most logos is the inconsistency of design. Businesses just put anything and everything into their logo design which they find fascinating. But you should avoid that pitfall. Your logo should give a hint to people about your offering. If you are selling flowers but you put a shark in your logo, it would mar the business you are promoting. By no means, such practice is going to help you!

The Final Takeaway

Building a logo means building your identity and there are some crucial considerations that you should keep at the front. No doubt, having the assistance of the best logo design agency is good for you but you should have enough knowledge to track if your logo designing is going in the right direction. These tips could save your day if you put them right. Just make sure that you keep your logo clutter-free, use taglines that evoke emotions and maintain the consistency throughout the logo design. You will have the best of logos that you will proudly say yours!

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