5 Mistakes To Avoid While Creating PPC Campaign

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Jun 5, 2018 · 3 min read

It can be easy to set up a PPC (Pay per Click) campaign for your business, but it’s not a piece of cake to achieve results of ROI (Return on Investment). If you know how to implement in collaboration with the PPC Service in Dubai then you can attain desired results. Managing the campaign for the best practice standards and maximizing ROI could be complex and time-consuming process, which requires significant knowledge.

Search history differs from one company to another and mistakes while hiring the PPC Company could be many, which can be confusing and discouraging. Here’s a list of common mistakes that PPC Company in Dubai should avoid to run a successful PPC campaign.

1. Monotonous write-ups

Keep these things in mind when you’re creating a copy for PPC AD; generate leads to notice the AD and ‘Click’ on the AD. Writing an innovative and good PPC Ads is quite challenging because you’re working with limited space and target audience attention. Majority of search engine users are skilled to ignore all the ads, but no one can stop a creative Ads from promotion.

Writing a good piece of content for PPC campaign isn’t tough. Follow these points to incorporate these elements into your AD copy:

Match the customer’s requirement

The greatest way to begin your PPC ad copy is by focusing on the instantaneous benefits that bring by clicking your AD. Create the piece with the mindset of the target audience and intent behind the search. Once you understand the target audience’s goal then it’s easy to create Ad copies that match the requirement.

Choose right words

Make the content crisp and accurate or state the point in one arrow. Audience don’t like twist and turns in an ad rather they like to read the message that’s delivered in simple language with humor at times.

Facts and figures

Include statistics that help your target audience to consider the AD seriously. This, in turn, aids to include the discount which changes the perspective of customer to select the products and service.

2. No usage of AD extension

Including Ad extensions are technically optional, but if your PPC campaign wants to become a huge hit then include them. Ad extensions are extra information snippets that incorporate with primary ad copy.

Benefits of Ad extensions

• It can increase Ad’s visibility

• Outreaches your Ad in major platform

• Provides more contact than expected

• Enhances the conversion rates

• Increases AD value for free

Google and Bing choose Ad extensions to outreach the visibility and boost the performance.

3. No test copy

There’s always fluctuations in terms of PPC advertising campaign, reasons are many for the On and Off. That’s because there’s no background check for the ad copy, desired quality, poor targeting, and much more. Copy testing is vital for improvements, such as quality score and enhances ROI.

4. No proper tracking

Keyword testing is essential to test and evaluate the PPC performance, which is vital for website. A majority of companies often doesn’t maintain the track sheet, which is a waste of money. Companies make use of keywords that don’t provide any impact on the page without tracking the data.

5. Not bidding brand name

This is not a recommended approach but doesn’t ignore it! That’s because you never know what technique works even its organic ranking number 1. When the ads appear on the organic list then people are likely to click through to the website. Never skip the step to bid your company name because you’re contributing the traffic to other pages if you fail to bid. Don’t give chance to your competitors to steal the chance to top the Ad position in organic search rankings.

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