i read the book of edhi sahab. His story is inspiring and each and every part giving a message. Like he told that his mother said to him once

“Empty words and long praises do not impress ALLAH,show him your faith by deeds otherwise how he believe in you

This quote have 3 points relating to AMAL principals.

  1. AMAL
  2. KHUDI

ALLAH ordered the man to pray if he love, the second thing khudi. A believer should be proud to obey ALLAH and third kam kam kam, not a single prayer is done all for life this is daily process. when ALLAH ask for work than how world can be separate from this concept. In our professional life we need to prove our determination, our strengths should be shown, our future depends on how much we work. If anybody have talent but he never expressed, that become useless. every thing requires the movement.


edhi sahab said most of his fellows moke on him and ask why are you making plans which cant be fulfill but he never pay attention to them seriously. he keep helping people by providing them medicines and etc because he knows i have to work on my plans , just dreaming is not paying anything.yes we can say there is A POOR CHILD WHO IS STUCK TO HIS DREAMS AND THIS MADE HIM SELF MADE MAN. his habits are different from other children which creates a difference.he relates the story to migration towards Pakistan which tells every big achievement need scarifies, work hard and patience. I can relate this situation to my own story, by storming in past i have a view , A girl having broken family, with tradition of not allowing the girls to study more than metric. i also face this logic, as my father restricted me from taking admission in college. at that time i also face financial crises, i was not aware about scholarships at that time. i was depressed and like SHIEK CHILI i dream big to become a CHARTED ACCOUNTED, i remembered i have wrote ‘ CA LOVER’ and some more words like this on my metric books. i scored high, so my teacher meet my mother and ask her to give me permission and to take stand for my education. and she did it, i started teach the student at home , doing invigilation in board exams and there was time when i use to jump from a locked house gate to go for college because my father locked me in house. critical conditions was that time. i was beaten due to jumping and going college for exams but completed my inter. this is because i work hard i not only dream i worked for it. these all circumstances had very bad effect on my health and one day i feel pain in my heart. i went to doctor and he told my mother that my heart mussels becoming week due to tension and over burdens, and he asked me why this is little girl? my eyes filled with tears and i just said i want to study. he asked my mother to bring my records along in next session, we went next and i handed over admission form of CA, i which i was eligible for scholarship, half fee wave off. the doctor promised me to give me 5000 per month and he did it till 2 years of my CA. He was very happy with my progress and he took a promise that i will teach a child when i earn and i will do it INSHALLAH. These are sacrifices but self learning is related to my story of DEBATING. In PUNJAB COLLEGE i saw debating competition and i just loved that because now i came to know that how can i tell my views to other i started to learn this online and won prizes than, asked RAZA FROM GCU to teach me and now I AM PRESIDENT OF DEBATING SOCIETY AT LCWU. This society making has a story too.

relating with eidhi it is inspiring that he is a self motivated person as i feel i am. He want to get knowledge , by books or by advice's of his parents. He make his environment his mentor. He think before act all pros and cons like i do.

I have remembered a line by ALTAF HUSSAIN HALI HERE


every activity teach you some thing, like my Urdu teacher mostly ask me to write his assignments of MA. I loved to do this i asked my teacher mostly to give me books to read and he said these lines(POETRY BY HALLI) to give me credit in class. Edhi also did this in his life as he was passionate to learn about revolution and its lessons ,the Islamic history and Quran. Self learning is key of success and i go with it.

now its time to be practical in life, to set a aim and making efforts.I was planned an idea of making a business mall for ladies. it will includes all the fields like banking network , saloon network, gym, cooking stitching ,photography , pool, cafes, day care centers, sports areas, space for business meeting and friends meet up, online earning centers,call centers where only female staff will work all the employs will be women.This will become a proper package for ladies and will be a mile stone for achieving the progress. This project will solve the problem of less participation of women due to security reasons, harassment reasons and the reason of not working with males.women wearing hijab will be satisfy more.Idea came in to mind because i felt insure many times by going for outing with friends due to bad surroundings , permission issues etc and the other thing which guided me here is the attitudes of some organizations and banks who asked me to take off my hijab for position. I know i have to face many challenges towards this goal but i am determined.

The most basic challenge to collect assets for it

yes i have sub plans to gain income for this mega project. according to my interest i found event management is most rewarded field. so i have plan to do events to earn money,

Second i should have loyal team members who are willing to work voluntarily in starting years

Third problem is gender problem which restricts me to work not more than 8 pm outside the home.

Taking into trust family is the first thing which will i do in just to start project ! i know most of time i have to work like machine 24 hours of a day consisting home assembling and project work.

just start!

I discussed with my husband but he replied i can give you permission only if u go outside after completing all home tasks.

I experienced that life is more complicated after marriage, your back power matters and your financial status matters seriously…

The next step will be to short list my contact list for searching the co-Founder :)

Again going with EDHI sahab story i here ends up by example of COINS in utensils. He thought that he will use this saving later but some times Later becomes never.

so juststart now…..


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