My Mentor

Nothing great was accomplished alone.It was very difficult for me to find a mentor. The reason behind this ,I want a mentor who can give same affection and can advice my by taking the problem personally. firstly I thought to have in person session with different people but I was not feeling comfortable to share my whole story.

By thinking a lot, I come to a point that I should discuss it to my father in law. He has a broad experience in field of education. he is Director finance and budget of education of Baluchistan. He has done BS double Math and ,MS IT. He also did B.ed and M.ed. He is serving for education since 1986.

He saw the changing,how time passed away, how the circumstances and merits changed. He has a story about challenges of getting a job than and now.

I asked him about my carrier. I told him that I am passionate about setting my own business. My most priority is making money as soon as possible. I want to do job ,only to get income.

I asked him what is best option for me to do Msc r Css. He suggested me to do css.

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