Purpose Of Life

There is always space for improvement. No one can be fully perfect. The world is full of knowledge, human may die by learning but learning can never comes to end.

One can stuck to a purpose and try to be master in it. Every one has different approaches to see this world.

It is said that:

If all people in the room have a same idea , its mean no one is thinking”

A one should chose his carrier according to his choice and Sohail Rizvi sb shared very unique tips.

I went to a professional to discuss these all; to come to know what they think about this and whats their point of views.

He is the man with name MIAN BABAR ZAMAN. He is professional resume writer and also Executive assistant at http://www.uca.net.pk

I asked him some question and the summary is following:


Tell me about your success story. What you did in life and how you achieve this point today?

I am not sure I have a success story, though I overcame many problems in my life with courage. I think success is when you do not allow yourself to get stuck in life.


What costs you paid in your life to achieve your goal?

Becoming successful in todays day is not easy because reaching goals are never free and you will have to pay the price. Sometimes the price may be small but in other times its big. However, you should be aware of this fact before you start reaching the goal.


What type of persons go successful in professional life?

Success demands that you overcome your fears and develop the necessary courage you need to pursue your goals with vigor, passion and zest.


Do you think, a person should do internship before having 4 year degree in same field? Can this is possible in Pakistan?

Yes, you can get internship in Pakistan if you build relationships with like-minded professionals and keep an ear to the ground regarding your profession.


Which qualities differs in an entrepreneur and a general job seeker?

General job seeker have to perform their obligations according to respective job profiles as well as entrepreneurs engender their own profile. They perform general tasks. They enjoy autonomy and independence.


Any suggestion for new job seekers, and for those who are working as under employed?

Describe, as specifically as you can, the positive outcome of your actions. How did you save or make money for the company or department?


Do you think only those student should do PHD , who have aim to work in academics?

I think only those students should do Ph.D., Who wants to achieve something significant, to discover or learn something new.

We can conclude on this ,everyone should chose his path according to his will and should own the decision and than work hard to make this right. It will help them to overcome their fears in life. No knowledge goes use less. This is up to you , how you fix it in different categories and stages of need.

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