Drinking Water Contamination

Mega Project Amal academy

As you know that our body contains 55 to 65 % of water.Water is the basic requirement and need of the body for survival.But what if this 65% content of the body gets contaminated and spoiled??

Obviously this will be harmful and dangerous to our bodies. But unfortunately it happens. The water which we drink is not pure and clean.

This idea came to our mind because of a reason which is that we met a child specialist Zia ul Din Farooqi who is serving as Child specialist in Allied hospital Faisalabad. He told us that mostly children become ill because of drinking contaminated water. We considered it seriously and after having discussions and meetings,we the circle members including me,Khalid,Ikram,Afsah and Umar Farooq decided to take some samples of water from different areas. We collected the samples from a Green View colony near UAF and we also collected the samples from other areas as well.

After collecting the water samples our next goal was to test the samples from laboratory. For that purpose,our circle member Afsah took help from our fellow Zeeshan. Zeeshan is a student of soil sciences. Zeeshan gave us the information regarding tests of drinking water. We also got help from NIAB research center in this regard. The tests of drinking water include TDS,pH,Calcium,Nitrates,Arsenic,Magnesium,hardness tests. And also got information about the areas and the water.

Our main focus was on “Bholay di jhugi” and “Chak 201”. The reason behind the selection of this area is because of the diseases of water. Another reason is that here,near the water tank or water plant,garbage of whole Faisalabad is thrown. This garbage and waste causes water to get spoiled and contaminated.

Now,we have dropped our collected samples in the laboratory and waiting for the results. After getting the results,we will aware the masses and we will tell them some methods and techniques of purification of water.

For information and for further progress we have also created a page on facebook.


Wish us all the best for achieving our target!

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