The Importance Of Being Interested Than To Be Interesting

Suppose, you are not feeling well because of some reason,you want to share something with someone. You just think about this and suddenly door bell rings. You move towards the door and you become excited when you see your friend standing in front of the door.You well come him and ask him to sit. Conversation starts,he asks “how are you?”.. You reply “I am just OK,actually I am suffering from fever….” You want to tell something more but your friend just interfere by saying “Oh fever??..I am suffering from Diabetes from last two years,I always feel that I am having fever…” and he starts telling you the details of his disease,medication,problems.How will you feel then??Obviously you will never like it.

That was just an example and these kind of happenings most often take place.Every person wants to be loved,given importance because that’s natural.

The people like the friend in above mentioned example just try to be interesting than to be interested and they loose the dignity among the friends.

But if a person listens to you carefully and asks about your problems,makes you happy and you become fan of him.

By reading the book of Dale Carnegie about the tips of becoming influential personality I have realized that a person can only get importance if he gives importance to the others.

I would like to give you an example from my life.I had a friend,in fact best friend I used to tell her everything daily.But I did not pay much attention to her problems.Because of my this behavior , she used to be irritated.And eventually what happens,she stopped sitting with me in the class and I lost my friendship.

My sister was so much depressed,by taking the inspiration and by getting the lesson from the story of musician who had won the hearts of thousands of people,I talked to my sister in detail and asked about her problems.After having conversation,I felt that she was feeling happy.This is the best think which I got by changing my behavior from speaker to listener..!

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