Light of education and learning for a Bright future

“I can begin small but why should i think small”. This line from Edhi sb help me to Just start thinking of m goal openly without fear and hesitation. Start of a good deed may be too little or small but no one stop you to stuck on this small. Thinking of good deed is also good but its sounds good when we implement on these in real life. As, Edhi sb says in his story, “The strength of words lies in implementation, otherwise the are meaningless”. And its true words and good thinking is meaningless if you do not act on it. And my goal is education and helps to m community. And i think,Education is a source towards the bright future and learning is a source towards a good life. Education is need nowadays but learning of good is more important to make a society.

I want to work on that because i feels me happy and relax by doing this. when you help someone and he/she smile just because of you its the best feeling in word to spread smile on others faces. In our community many people think about others but due to insufficient confidence and motivation they can no act on it, just like me. But now i am ready to work on my goals.

In past, i have no self confidence and i am afraid to do things just because of what people think? and what they comment on me after my work? And i am doing good or not?? Its really helpful for others or not? And what is the response of my parents and family? they allow me to work on this or not? that why i work on my passion in limited way.These are challenges that stop me to work on my goal.

I identified three main tasks and start work in these tasks. These tasks are as:

Make a Friendly relationship with Children

Firstly , for my work is necessary to make a friendly relationship with those children, i want to help. Because if i have rude and strict behavior with them, they are not feeling comfortable with me. They feel hesitation and fear and do not share an thing with me. So, i play games with them and talk with them and share some foods with them to make a good and comfortable relationship with them.

Detail conversation with their parents

Without convincing their parents i can not do any thing for them. I share my personal experiences with them and many other examples of our heroes to motivate them and convince them to educate their children for a good future of their children. Its quiet a difficult task for me but i will try my best for it.

Looking Good resources and schools for them

This is a difficult task for me to find out a good schools and basic needy things for them. But when you think positive and want to work on it with all your attentions no one stop you doing this. My parents and my family help me for this and from my pocket money and tuition fees i help them by providing different things of their needs.

I complete these tasks with full of my attention and hardworking. But i convince of their parents is a difficult task for me but i succeed to convince only those families who live near to my house.My neighbors and children who lives near to my house. But i feel that earning from their children are much important for them as compared to education and learning.

I learn many things from my this experience. i learn how to spread smiles on other faces and how help them without feels guilty to them and one important thing that i feel strongly, by doing a good work you feel satisfy inside you and hope for good is never overcome inside you its increase day by day.

I want to work in a educational institute, school, college and devote my life for help and learn to young students. And want to become a person that help others and spread smiles on other faces and they remember me as a good person that help them for find a way of their life…

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