MY Abilities………… that sound’s great really:

“Learning about your abilities from your friends” is really an interesting and informative task that has given to me from my Amal fellowship.

Ooh my god it’s really impressive when yours friends, siblings, colleagues and fellows really admire yours skill and strengths. I were very pleased about their comments and thoughts that they had about me. I were speechless that I have a lot of positive skills, abilities and strength.

The feedback that i received from all my friends touch to my heart specially I m thankful to Amal team that give me opportunity to know about myself from others especially from yours closed people. Normally we never talk about someone abilities and skills so i first time learn a lot about myself abilities from my friends, siblings and fellows nice comments.

I received many comments but common skills and abilities that were nice with every one, confident, determined, good observer, good voice, leadership skills, soft heart, try to happy everyone, good speaker, good adviser, more helping.

I swear I were not aware of my all these strengths that mentioned by my friends and my family members I think I am doing a nice job in my life I am very glad that all my friends and colleagues remember me with such glorious thoughts again thanks to all of you.