You Will Reap What You Sow!

It is said that one of the greatest gifts we can give to our future generation is the healthy environment. The plantation of one tree is the positive sign toward forest. There are countless benefits of trees. They give us food, oxygen, timber, shelter, medicine, tools, firewood, paper, gum and a lot more. In Short, without trees we could not breathe.

What is our aim to achieve???

Our aim is to provide you greener decorative places. As the green color is of great physiological importance, has attracted as well as healing powers. If you decorate your place with green it brings health, wealth and prosperity. Learn more details

What are the goals that we have achieved from this “Tree Plantation Campaign”?

· Held a meeting with Deputy Director of PHA (Parks and Horticulture Authority), Lahore

· Got a site for tree plantation

· Visited the site, met the staff for instructions and decided a day (6/1/2018)

· Went for tree plantation Campaign and planted 50 trees on the site

· Got a know how of different trees, plants and how to plant them.

· We are also trying to contact to the NGO’s that are working on the tree plantation process to get their help also.

Who will we divided the task into groups?

To make a connection in between group members so that a coordination would be made among them, to approach organizations (working on such projects i.e. PHA, NGO’S), to arrange plants, labor, and tools that will be used during plantation, to find suitable places for tree plantation, to supervise the project progress, and to wrote blog, collecting data and analyzing it to mention on blog in a proper way. Although each member will make sure its full collaboration during project as a whole but these tasks are further divided among all the group members in a very friendly manner so that every member will be able to play its role more efficiently as an individual.

What is the process of collection of trees?

We have decided to contact with the NGO’s that are working for the tree plantation as I told earlier we get their help we get the plants from them and also contribute by ourselves and in the final stage we make contact with the PHA authorities and Hand over them the plants and also grow the plants with them at the decided location and then PHA will look after it afterward.

Social Media is also an important source to aware people about a specific task or project in modern age of technology. Same goes with that project. We have planned to get support of more people with their ideas that how would we able to make our project more successful and their feedback about our progress will be a plus point and also we will involve the social media and the local community to make it more successful and influential.

Impact of our project will be in the form climate change of selected region. The oxygen level will be maintained because of trees, weather effects such as smog will be lessened, fertility of earth will be increased, natural disasters rate will be little, healthy environment will be promoted, and nature will be saved from the green house effect and global warming too. Same goes with the sustainability of our project that awareness about tree plantation will be inspire other people to grow more trees and they will be able to inspire other people too which will sound as a series or chain of something good, and plants will turn into trees which will live long to make our nature fresh and to provide pure air with excess amount of oxygen.

Plants will help us to avoid the record breaking temperature situation as mentioned below

The highest temperature ever recorded in Pakistan is 53.5 °C which was recorded in Turbat, Balochistan on 28 May 2017.

There is an other most practical benefit of trees which helps to control temperature that

(Five trees can provide enough cooling same just like an two ton A.C.)

What were the challenges?

· The Authority have different tiers and departments that are supervising different sites. So, we faced difficulty in approaching the right department that would help us in our cause.

· A lot of time consumed in getting a site for tree plantation. Our application keep on moving from one department to another in search for a site where tree plantation project is ongoing.

· The time decided by the PHA was 1:30 pm. So, all the members had to leave their classes for this campaign.

· We meet a professor in the Environmental science department of Punjab university to get to contact of different NGO’s we leave our lectures take the whole round of the university as we don’t know the location of the department but at last we find it but Unfortunately the professor was absent on that day but we meet another teacher of that department and he help us we are thankful to him for his precious time and also for not wasting our efforts and time.

Plans for the next two weeks:

No doubt everything is planned but for the next coming two weeks we have identified some tasks which need to be accomplished with in time such as connecting with organization to get their help to make our project more successful and to get better results,to finalize the places where we’ll be planting trees, and to select which plants are suitable to plant so that these would remain safe from the weather effects.

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