Happiness to boost your success

As Buddha said that:

“What we think we become”

So always think positive because the more you think positive the more you will be happy and your brain will work more efficiently.

I am a type of person who always feel negative and always see the negative aspects of everything .I took each problem as a threat for me.

When I passed my intermediate I planned to get admission in a college with my sister because we both are in the same class and we want to continue our study together but somehow we got admission in separate institutes and this thing brings a big change in my life. I suffered from negative thoughts .And even I didn’t to study anymore. From 6th class we were together and a strong bond is created between us.

I was always dependent on her. So when I got admission in university I feel so depressed because I think that without her I was not able to study there because I was dependent on her .I think that now I am alone .but at that time my parents support me a lot and tell me that this is a better place for you they encourage me that now I learn how to survive alone in life without depending on others. And then started thinking positive and realized that sometimes change is better for us and I learn that everything happens for some reason .and after it I never ever dependent on anyone.

I applied two suggestions of Shawn Anchor in my practical life:


I apply this thing in my life.I pay gratitude to my friend on giving me a glass of water and also thank my sister for pressing my clothes because I was getting late for university and after saying thanks I feel so happy .It makes me happy and when a person is happy he automatically thinks positive so I believe that by showing gratitude you can think positive.

Random act of kindness

I think doing the acts of kindness in your life makes you think positive .I practice this thing by helping others like helping my mother in kitchen, helping my friend in making her assignment and giving my phone to a girl for a call because she need it.And doing these things I feel so positive and relaxed .these things kept my mind calm and relax.