This Is A Message To Do What You Want

I do not know what the future has to hold, but i do know the possibilities of what it can behold, I know with time you gain a lot of responsibilities, I know with my dad, He’s on his knees, making himself bleed, with mama and three kids to feed, I want him to know that hard work doesn’t go unnoticed okay? In fact That’s what helped us get to this very day. I know him and mama, who helped put food on the table, didn’t matter what it was she always made sure it was full with flavor, she gave us the backbone to survive, all those countless sleepless nights, and i know time passes by, tremendously quickly, or as in Urdu we say bhoti jaldi, i just needed something that rhymed to put there, just kidding i have something else to share, I’m in a position, where i feel like im on a mission, and i hope that you listen, if you have ambition, do not seek permission, please get you your position, before you’re in the ground facing decomposition, time will pass you by whether you like it or not, so why release the potential you got? Kendrick taught me, Lupe told me, no matter where you’re at, life it gets lonely, so find what makes life worth living, for me it’s my artistry that’s my baby, that line is from Jon Bellion so please don’t sue me, I need you to hear me, go out and achieve your dreams daily, tomorrow is never promised as its always a maybe, so thank god almighty, for every day you live not just when you're ninety He gave you every single day and just let me say that you will be okay, so start living your life today.

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